Buffalo Air Brick Rat Cover

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  • Stop rats and mice entering your property via air bricks and nesting in your sub floor void
  • Prevent gnawing of floor boards and damage to your floor boards by fixing an air brick air cover to your property.
  • Suitable for single air bricks 9” x 3”
  • Screws and Rawl Plugs INCLUDED
  • Terracotta Frame with rodent mesh
  • Fit to the exterior of your property around air bricks, maintaining ventilation but preventing entry to unwanted guests.
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What does the Buffalo Pest Control Air Brick Rat/Rodent Cover Do?

Mice can squeeze through gaps the thickness of a pencil and one of the most common ways for mice to enter your property is through the holes in air bricks.

Rodent Air Brick Covers addresses the problem of mice and rats using your air bricks to enter your property and nest. We have designed a simple and durable mouse and rodent prevention grill which fits neatly over the air bricks.

Easy to fit (screws and raw plugs included) and very cost effective, air brick covers will help to reduce the use of cruel snap traps and toxic poisons. Prevention is better than cure, and protecting all your potential entry points is the best way to prevent rats and mice pestering your home. By stopping mice and rodents entering in the first place, you stop the need to call pest control or use poisons.

Air bricks are essential to ventilating your sub-floor void, so should not be completely covered. The Buffalo Rodent Air Brick Cover has a rodent proof mesh to allow for ventilation while preventing entry. This ensures your house remains ventilated but stops mice from creeping under your house.


How many air brick covers do I need?

Buffalo Pest Control Rodent Air Brick Covers will only be effective if you cover all of your ground level airbrick vents (all levels if you wish to stop wasps and bees etc) and block up any other holes you have that will allow pests to enter your home e.g. where pipes and cables enter your property.

How do you fix Buffalo Pest Control Air Brick Cover in place?

Buffalo Air Brick Rodent Covers should be screwed into place, with screws and raw plugs included.

What sizes does Buffalo Rodent Air Brick Cover come in?

We offer a standard single air brick cover suitable for air bricks 245mm by 95mm (9 ¾” by 3 ¾”).


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