Buffalo Air Brick Flood Covers

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  • Easy fit flood protection for low level air bricks, grilles and gratings from flood water
  • Screws & Rawl Plugs INCLUDED
  • Surface mounted cover and frame set to protect any 9×3 inch air brick, grille and grating
  • Anti-flood air brick covers protect your home from sub floor flooding without interfering with the air flow to your property.
  • Permanently fixed frame with a push fit cover that can be fitted in seconds
  • Bright red air brick covers to remind you to remove the cover after flood event
  • Extra strength retaining clips to allow easy removal and prevent snapping


What do Air Brick Flood Covers Do?

Air bricks (or airbricks) are brick shaped vents, designed to provide ventilation to cavity walls and suspended floors. The primary purpose is to prevent moisture building up, which can lead to damp and rotting floor boards.

Suspended floors are built from wood and timber, and changing temperatures between day and night or from central heating settings, can lead to the wood cooling quicker than the air around them. This leads to condensation and moisture build up, which eventually leads to rotting wood.

However, air bricks sit at a low level and can be a major hole for water to enter your property in a flood event. The flood damage can lead to months of renovation and repair.

Anti-flood air brick covers are simple to use flood protection, and snap can be snapped onto the frame when a flood risk is imminent. The seal within the cover prevents the vent from allowing water to enter your home.

The air brick covers are designed for DIY, and easy to install with a screw driver and silicone. The air brick cover is easy to store, and made in a bright red colour to remind you to remove you after the flood risk has subsided. This ensures you keep good ventilation under the sub floor void, and the air brick is able to do what it is designed to for.

The Buffalo Air Brick Flood Cover has a flood seal and only four, extra strength clips. This means it is quick and easy to install, but also the easy to remove after the flood. The clips pull the cover into the frame, compressing the seal and creating a flood defence barrier.

Terracotta frame designed to be discreet and aesthetically complement existing air brick.

Why install an anti-flood air brick cover?

  • Air brick covers allow you to maintain necessary air flow to your property, ensuring you do not suffer from damp rot. Anti-flood air bricks can restrict the air flow to your property because they have a device inside the brick which is activated in a flood event. These devices (flaps or balls) restrict the air flow that normal air bricks provide.
  • Air brick covers are easy to install, and do not require any expertise or concrete. This makes them more cost effective and quicker to install, particularly if you are retro fitting to a property.
  • Air brick covers comply with Environment Agency guidelines on protecting your property from flooding.
  • Air brick flood covers are quicker to install than alternatives, such as sand bags.
  • Bright red cover to remind you to remove the cover once the flood risk has subsided.

Please note, most houses have more than one air brick so multiple covers are likely to be required.

Installation Guide

Download Installation Instructions


Length – 30.2cm
Height – 16.2cm
Depth – 2.8cm


1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.