Installation Pole – Buffalo Pest Control Stainless Steel Rat Blocker


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  • Installation pole for Buffalo Pest Control Stainless Steel Rat Blocker
  • Device to suit both clay and UPVC drainage pipe systems.
  • 1m in length allowing easy install for deep drains without the need for getting into the manhole.
  • Installation of the Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker is easiest when using the optional installation pole.
  • Works with 110mm and 150mm rat blockers
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What does the Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker Installation Pole do?

Allows any Buffalo Pest Control Rat Blocker product to be easily installed from ground level by screwing the pole into the top of the unit, this then compresses the side walls allowing rat blocker to be easily positioned within the outlet of the manhole chamber. Once secure the pole is simply unscrewed allowing the unit to friction fit onto the side walls of the chamber. There is no silicone or securing cable required for installation.

The installation pole allows for easy installation of the rat blocker from street level without the need to get into the man hole or inspection chamber.

Installation Instructions – Outlet Pipe

Remove the cover of the manhole then flush a toilet to inspect the drain operation. Holding Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker in one hand, gently compress the diameter while screwing the installation pole onto the large thread. Screw the installation pole down firmly to hold the body in compression.

Holding the installation pole, Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker may now be lowered into position within the manhole chamber and inserted into the outlet pipe. Ensure the flap is perpendicular, not at an angle. With Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker in place unscrew and remove the installation pole. Test to ensure that the flap is free to move and that it opens in the direction of flow.

Test the drain carefully by flushing the toilet 3 times with toilet paper and visually ensure that the paper and water pass the rat blocker.