Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker 150mm /6 inch


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  • Stop rats coming up drain pipes from the sewer system and into your home.
  • Humane way to stop rats entering your property and damaging pipes or floor boards. Also prevents the issue of dead rats rotting in your property from poison.
  • Reversible flap to install into the outlet or inlet chamber inside an inspection chamber
  • Steel flap opens when fluids and waste pass through sewer, but in normal conditions the flap remains closed and prohibits rodents from entering
  • Easy install by hand at ground level or with pole for deeper drains (pole sold separately)
  • Suitable for clay and plastic 150mm / 6 inch pipes

110mm / 4 Inch Valve AVAILABLE HERE

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What does the Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker do?

  • One way valve allows rats to leave your home, but automatically closes to prevent rats from climbing back up the drain.
  • Rather than use rat poisons, which can cause rodents to damage the pipe by clawing for water or die under your floor boards, leaving a rotting corpse, the rat blocker allows the rat to leave your property but stops them coming back up the drain pipe.
  • The flap and body are made of stainless steel, preventing rats from chewing through the valve.
  • The valve is completely re-usable and can be removed for maintenance purposes.
  • The valve is set up to be installed on the outlet pipe in the inspection chamber. But the reversible flap can be turned around in minutes and installed on the inlet pipe (if required).
  • The rat blocker shape ensures it cannot become dislodged and lost in drainage system. Rats cannot pass the rat flap device against the flow.
  • Fits both Clay and Plastic 150mm or 6″ pipes.
  • External hinge allows to tighten and fix the rat blocker in the sewer pipe.
  • Installation Pole Sold Separately
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Installation Instructions – Outlet Pipe

Installation of the Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker is easiest when using the optional installation pole. Remove the cover of the manhole then flush a toilet to inspect the drain operation. Holding Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker in one hand, gently compress the diameter while screwing the installation pole onto the large thread. Screw the installation pole down firmly to hold the body in compression.

Holding the installation pole, Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker may now be lowered into position within the manhole chamber and inserted into the outlet pipe. Ensure the flap is perpendicular, not at an angle. With Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker in place unscrew and remove the installation pole. Test to ensure that the flap is free to move and that it opens in the direction of flow.

Test the drain carefully by flushing the toilet 3 times with toilet paper and visually ensure that the paper and water pass the rat blocker.

Installation Without The Installation Pole – Outlet Pipe

Installation without an installation pole may be done by following the steps above and using the supplied nut instead of the installation pole to hold the unit in compression. Ensure the flap is perpendicular, not at an angle. Once the Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker is located in its place in the pipe the nut should be fully loosened using a spanner.

Installation Into Chamber Inlet — Orientation Of Flap

Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker is factory configured to work within a chamber outlet, but can be re-configured to protect a chamber inlet (with or without installation pole), by undertaking the following steps:

  • Unscrew the pin holding the flap
  • Remove the pin holding the flap and turn the flap around
  • Push the screw back through the holes of the flap, replace the screw and tighten to secure.
  • Follow the same instructions as above for installation into the chamber inlet.

How to Install the Buffalo Stainless Steel Rat Blocker